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Financial Planning Check-List 

The objective of this financial planning check-list is to provide you with: 
A reminder of some of your annual entitlements and allowances. 
An awareness of some of the financial risks to the security of your family. 
An awareness of some of the financial planning you consider implementing. 
A reminder to review your existing financial products from time to time. 
This check-list is not meant to be exhaustive nor has it been designed to replace a full financial planning review. 
Savings & Investments 
Have you used your annual ISA entitlement? ISA's provide an extremely tax efficient way to invest money, being free from both income tax and capital gains tax. In the financial year ending 5th April 2016 you are entitled to invest up to £15,240. Your ISA entitlements are on a use it or lose it basis so if you don't invest your money by 5th April then that year's entitlement will be lost. 
Do you know that there are new Junior ISA's for children? Recently introduced is the new Junior ISA which allows you to invest up to £4,080 in an ISA for your child. These offer the same tax efficient way of investing for your child's future and again operate on the same use it or lose it basis. 
Have you already used your ISA allowance? We offer a range of other investment services and using some of your other tax allowances such as your annual capital gains allowance we can provide other tax efficient investment solutions. 
Are you looking to save for your retirement? Each year you are entitled to make generous investments into an Approved Pension Plan. Pension Plans can offer a tax efficient way of investing to provide you with an income in retirement including generous tax relief when investing your money. 
Do you have money in savings account? The interest rates offered by Banks and Building Societies are constantly changing and it can be sensible from time to time to review and move your current savings to another provider if better returns are possible. 
Mortgages & Protection 
Do you pay a mortgage? Mortgage rates change from time to time so it may be worth comparing your current mortgage with those available today. 
For residential and Buy-to-Let mortgages - We charge a minimum of £500 for our mortgage services. If the commission received from the lender covers our cost, no additional fee will be charged to you; however, if the commission is less than £500, we will charge you the difference. We reserve the right to ask your conveyance to note it to your mortgage completion statement and remit at completion direct to us. 
Do you have protection products? You may for example have Life Cover or Critical Illness products in conjunction with your mortgage. These products sit in a very competitive market and the costs and features frequently change, so from time to time it is worth comparing your products with the latst offers available . 
If you're not sure what protection products you have or need then ask yourself the following question: 
What would happen financially to your family if you were to die? 
What would happen financially to your family if you were unable to work due to sickness or illness? 
What would happen financially to your family if you were to suffer from a critical illness? 
There are many protection products designed to provide security for your family and peace of mind for you. 
Retirement Planning 
Are you approaching retirement (2 to 5 years)? If so then it may be sensible to review your plan and consider your options including how your Pension Plan can be used tax efficiently in conjunction with your other savings and investments. 
Are you at or close to retirement? If so then you need to carefully consider your options. Today there are a number of different ways of taking your pension income, some with and some without guarantees. 
Have you already set up your pension plan? Many retirement plans set p over the last 10 to 15 years such as Pension Drawdown, Income Drawdown and Phased Retirement Plans need ongoing management to ensure they stay on course. When did you last review yours? 
Estate Planning & Inheritance Tax (IHT) 
Do you have a Will and is it up to date? Wills are a way of ensuring that your assets and money go to the right people upon your death. Often without a Will and without incorporating effective Inheritance Tax Planning, a major beneficiary of someone's estate can be the Tax Man! 
Would you prefer not to pay tax when you die? Inheritance Tax is payable upon your death and can often significantly reduce your wealth. However, with a bit of forward planning, this tax is often avoidable. Planning can be done a number of ways, either using your capital, your income, making gifts or writing Wills or Trusts. 
For Will writing we act as introducers only. 
Do you have outstanding credit card balances? If you do then don't forget to hunt around for lower interest rates. 
Have you checked and reviewed your insurance premiums? The rates for House, Contents and many other types of insurances will often change so from time to timne it is worth reviewing your cover. It may be possible to have either the same cover for a lower cost or possibly more comprehensive cover for the same price. 
For Buildings, Contents, Motor and Travel Insurance we act as introducers only to Town & Country Insurance Services Ltd. 
Our Services 
We are able to offer a range of services to deal with all types of financial needs and planning. If there are any of our services you feel you may be able to benefit from then please feel free to contact us on:  
Telephone: 01769 574674 or 07816662248 
The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Will writing, trusts, credit cards and some forms of estate and inheritance tax planning. 
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 
Town & Country Financial Advisers Ltd is an appointed representative of Intrisic Financial Services Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 
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